Nuggets of Insight

I feel like the nuggets of insight lecture has been really valuable to our team over the past week. It made me realize how deep you have to dig and how much research and analysis needs to go into a project like this before you can really find what you’re looking for. In this case, my group as the brand team has been gradually gathering all of the information we can (on iced tea in general, Lipton and other brands specifically, purchasers of tea, data on millennials, etc.) so we can really build a strong background of knowledge on our brand to be more confident when we find that one piece of insight. For me, that one piece of insight is like the “imprints” that are being discussed in my book. I think that in order to find the driver (of millennial purchases) for Lipton iced tea, I want our group to find the imprint of this tea- that meaning the first time that millennials ever came in contact with it. I want to find a way to bring millennials back to their past, to the very first scenario in which they encountered Lipton iced tea (where and why they were drinking it, what emotions they were experiencing, how they felt, who they were with), because  I think that first imprint (as explained in Culture Code) is what creates the foundation of associations to the brand. If we can figure this out, we can figure out what iced tea really means to millennials, and what the underlying driving factor is that causes them to buy it (not just what they want you to hear).

As our team has been working setting up our focus groups, we are trying to use some of this knowledge about imprints  (and how to reveal them) when developing our set of questions and projective techniques. I’m glad I am getting to go through this whole process of creating and analyzing a focus group. It’s a tedious process, but you learn how carefully every aspect and how each wording of each question needs to be considered.

I’m hoping it won’t be too hard to gather participants for the study… I know students sometimes need a lot of incentive and even with that it’s hard for people to take that extra hour of time out of their day. We really need a couple diverse groups of millennials for this if we want valuable information, so hopefully we can get them.


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