What is our nugget?

Looking back over the past couple of weeks, it’s crazy to see how far our group has come- from what we thought was our initial insight to what we really know now.

I’ve learned what a process it really is to gain a true nugget of insight about a problem, and even still our group questions specifics every day. Is the insight that we have truly in line with our research? Should we conduct one more survey testing the success of a campaign developed from the insight? Do our tactics fit with our strategy and insight? There are so many factors throughout this project that have to be taken into consideration at every step of the way.

Right now, our group (Moxleveraged), combined agency and client, feels pretty confident with how far we’ve come and where we stand as far as the insight we have developed. To back up a little, focus groups were conducted for several weeks before and after spring break. A lot of brainstorming went into each of these focus groups, to determine exactly what research to collect and how we wanted to collect it. The first focus group was done with different groups of students on three different dates. With this focus group, we wanted to dig deep and find out what really draws millennials to the iced tea that they drink- not just because “they are thirsty” or “it’s a hot summer day” or “it’s just what they like.” Instead, we really wanted to explore the subconscious of millennials when choosing this drink – is there some sort of connected nostalgia, maybe a feeling of status or health? We had some of our own ideas, but were hoping that we could uncover something even deeper.

Completing the first focus group was definitely eye-opening in many ways. We were able to get a clear view of where Lipton currently stands among other iced tea brands, which actually was pretty unclear for Lipton. When it came to Lipton vs. brands such as Pure Leaf, Snapple, etc., students were very indifferent. Nobody really seemed to want to talk about Lipton, and it did not have any really strong brand associations, unlike the other iced teas. In our words, Lipton is a blank canvas. What void can Lipton fill? What brand personality can Lipton be? We also gained some insight as to why people might carry the specific iced teas that they do. Based on some comments made my multiple students, we started getting the feeling that people treat their drinks and bottles like an accessory. It matters to students what they’re conveying to others by carrying a certain drink across campus. They want to carry a drink that makes a statement about their personality or lifestyle, that portrays a certain image to other people- almost like a symbol of status.

Feeling like we have have gained a great deal of info, we are excited to begin work on our second focus group. The only question is, where do we go with it, and what can it do to help Lipton?



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