Personalization & Opportunity

Personalization & opportunity. These are two significant words that are guiding us in our next steps with Lipton. I think everything is coming together extremely well- way better than we had imagined. Conducting our last focus group definitely helped bring everything full circle for us. To figure out where to take Lipton with our nugget of insight (that millennials personalize every aspect of their lives to portray an image of the lifestyle they desire to live), we basically had students create their own, personal iced tea brands. This focus group was different in that it just involved a sheet of paper, on which participants simply circled items in different categories that they would associate their iced tea with. From these results we were able to figure out what personality Lipton could take on that other iced teas haven’t already. However, the differentiating factor about this campaign is that it doesn’t involve giving Lipton just one personality, but three different ones. The key reasoning behind this is the millennial values- the millennial aspires to be his/her own person, and we are letting him/her do that through each Lipton personality and the way the millennial chooses to interpret each. The other key differentiator is that every personality revolves around summer. In the focus group results, we realized that the most commonly circled items in every category all had the same overlap- summer. We knew then that the campaign had to revolve around summer, and each of the personalities would incorporate that.

It is all starting to come together. “Carpe Tea’em, Seize Your Tea.” What better way to take  Lipton on the journey with millennials than letting them seize their summer and the person they aspire to be?


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