The First Real Presentation

Last Tuesday, we gave what I would call our first official presentation, as it included basically all of our story plus some campaign ideas. As nerve-wracking as it was with 8 Penn State faculty members watching and critiquing, it was definitely an awesome experience and I’m so happy with where our group stands with the project. When we presented, all of our hard work became evident. It felt as if we were actually telling a story, one that was cohesive with the right research to back up our end decisions. It was definitely a different experience getting stopped by faculty with questions and comments throughout the presentation, but it definitely helped us not miss any important points of discussion.

One thing that I think my team members did exceptionally well when addressed by faculty about potential concerns was really sticking to their points and backing them up with valid reasoning. I think everyone was well spoken and extremely professional. There are definitely a couple aspects that need to be tweaked before the final presentation to corporate, but I’m excited about how far our team has come. At the beginning of the semester, I would not have pictured the project to be this developed. I’m so glad to have had this experience so far.


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