Culture Code Updates

While I’ve been reading my book here and there, I know I haven’t mentioned it much in my blog.. I feel like I’ve been so caught up and interested in tracking my group’s progress with the project/class. However, I’ve been making notes in my notebook and marking pages every time I read, and I just wanted to point out some of those that really stood out to me.

The culture code has been helping me look at my own life, and my peers lives, from a different perspective. I know there’s always been subconscious reasons why we all make decisions about the things we do in life, the products be buy, foods we eat, etc., but I never fully understood what caused it.

The Culture Code helps bring the “why do we make these decisions” to light, in revealing that there are specific codes for every aspect of life. Jeep wranglers have a code, beauty has a code, even love & seduction both have codes. This code usually has to do with our very first imprint of a product which often goes hand-in-hand with our culture and how we were raised. Finding out the code for any product or different areas of life can help companies figure out in which direction to steer their marketing efforts and how to portray different products in advertisements.

One of the codes that was definitely eye-opening for me was the code for love, and how that played into company’s advertisements after being educated by Clotaire. While I was shocked by the code for love, I also found myself completely agreeing with how much sense it made after seeing the common trends discovered during his Clotaire’s “discovery sessions.” While it’s different depending on country, the code for love in America is “False expectation.” So many people set their expectations so high and strive to find this perfect love or “Mr. Right” due to what they see in movies, yet so many American marriages end up in divorce. Jewelry companies use this to market off code and on code as well. For example, jewelry companies will market off-code to take people away from this subconscious of love being false expectation; they do this by marketing diamonds as a sense of commitment and a way of bringing people together forever,hoping that maybe buying this product will help cause that. However, once the code was discovered, they were able to introduce some new advertisements that marketed directly on code and that could appeal to people in a different way. These advertisements highlighted the high resale value of diamonds, which recognizes people’s subconscious and the sad reality of many individuals in America- that love and marriage may not always be forever.

Reading about Clotaire’s method of digging into the human subconscious shows me just how important it is for marketers to hold these in depth focus groups or discovery sessions. They can really bring to light a specific meaning or code behind a brand or product (just how we similarly felt our focus groups and research all lead to our nugget). It was really cool to watch these connections play out throughout the semester as I read about other individuals’ marketing work while conducting my own on the side.


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